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Basic facts about the Czech Republic



The Czech Republic is the country located in Central Europe and it is dominated by the Bohemian Massif
that is about 900 metres height above the sea level. These mountains are
surrounded by really huge elevated basin which is called the Bohemian Plateau.
The main and the largest rivers are the Elbe, the Vltava River (which flows
during the capital of the Czech Republic) and the Morava River. Relates to the
government the Czech Republic is the parliamentary democracy.

Brief history

The region was first settled by Slavic tribes which came from the Vistula basin in the 5th
century. After the era of the Great Moravia in the 9th century the important Czech kingdom came to its power and the Premyslide dynasty ruled the lands since the 10th century. Charles IV from the Luxembourg dynasty
was not only the Bohemian king but also the Holy Roman Emperor. During his
reign he made Prague to be the capital of the Czech kingdom and the Roman
Empire as well. He had the new crown jewels made and he found the Charles
University which was the first one in the whole central Europe.

Since the Hussite movement

The Hussite movement which flourished at the beginning of the 15th century strengthen the
typical Czech nationalism and the need for reformation of the church. On the
other hand, it slowed down culture, humanism and renaissance. The Habsburg
dynasty which ruled the country since 1526 to the end of the World War I forced
the Czech people to the Catholicism and strong germanism. The independence of
the state was installed after the WWI.