Charles IV and his importance for Prague

The capital became flourishing during his reign

Prague became the capital and Charles IV rebuilt Prague on the model of Paris establishing the New Town. He founded the Charles University in Prague in 1348 which bears his name and became the first university in Central Europe. The university was the training ground for bureaucrats and lawyers and so there is no wonder that Prague turned into the cultural and also intellectual Centre of Europe.

Golden Age of Bohemia

His reign is known as the Golden Age of Bohemia. Prague was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire during his reign and his name bore a lot of institutions, statues, monuments etc. There is: Charles University, Charles Bridge, and Charles Square. Last but not least the Prague Castle and one part of the Cathedral of Saint Vitus (built by Peter Parler) were created under his reign. World famous manuscript was painted in Prague and dates back to his patronage. For his deeds he is so far taken as Pater Patriae (the father of the country) which was firstly mentioned at his funeral by Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio.

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