Czech Republic



The Czech Republic consists of three lands: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. From all sides except the south of Moravia the country is protected by mountains. The biggest mountains are the Beskydy, the Jeseníky, and the Giant Mountains with our highest peak Smowdon, the Eagle Mountains, the Jizerské Mountains, the Krušné Mountains, the Šumava Range. The biggest rivers are the Vltava River, the Elbe and the Morava River.


The first state in this territory was Samoa’s Empire. Them the Great Moravia Empire followed. Even when the Great Moravian Empire still existed, another state was made in the region of Bohemia – it was the Czech Crown Kingdom where the Přemyslid dynasty came into power from the 9th century. When this dynasty died out by the sword, another dynasty took control of the country – the Luxembourg. Charles IV was the most important king of this dynasty and Prague became the centre of the Czech kingdom and of the whole Roman Empire too. After the reign of Jiří z Poděbrad the throne was taken by the Habsburg dynasty. The Czech nation became again in 1918.