Modern history of the Czech Republic

Since 1918 the union of the Czech lands and Slovakia emerged and the Czech lands became one part of the new state – Czechoslovakia. Twenty years of liberty became but because of…

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Basic facts about the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the country with rich history, splendid nature, vivid cultural life, and different architectural styles. Czech beer, crystal, handicraft, Czech cuisine,…

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is situated in the hearth of Europe. The Czech Republic, borders with Germany in the west, Austria in the south, Slovakia in the east and Poland in the north…

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Charles IV and his importance for Prague

Charles IV (1316 – 1378) from the House of Luxembourg was the King of bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. His original name was Wenceslas (Václav in Czech). And he used to be the…

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Municipal House

The Municipal House in Prague or Obecní dům in Czech is declared to be one of the most imposing examples of Art Nouveau in the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Be romantic in New World Street, Prague

Romantic Lane Near Prague Castle

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Prague live view